Dinner Menu:
Dinner Specialties
  Include: Soup of the day, salad bar or side caesar salad, rice or potato
Veal Parmesan 17.99
Choice tender veal lightly breaded, topped
meat sauce, mixed cheeses and baked to

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Grilled Breast of Chicken 17.99
A boneless breast of chicken in a lemon,
and oregano marinate served over
seasoned rice

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Chicken Parmesan 17.99
Chicken breast lightly breaded, topped with
meat sauce, mixed cheeses & baked to

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New York Sirloin 23.99
Handcut sirloin steak, well trimmed and
broiled to your liking

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Filet Mignon 27.99
A bacon wrapped, handcut beef tenderloin
steak. Grilled to your liking

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Pepper Steak 21.49
Beef Tenderloin strips sauteed with
green peppers, onions and seasonings
over rice

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Steak Diane 21.49
Pan fried beef tenderloin with mushrooms
and onions. Flamed with Sherry and
with cream

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Shrimp and Sirloin 23.99
Sauteed black tiger shrimp and a New York
sirloin steak grilled to your liking.

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Surf and Turf 37.99
A broiled lobster tail and bacon wrapped
mignon with drawn butter and lemon

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King Crab and Sirloin 36.99
Flame broiled New York sirloin steak paired
with half a pound of alaskan crab

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Roast Turkey 16.99
Slices of freshly cooked turkey over bread
stuffing and served with cranberries

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Beef Liver Dinner 15.99
Thinly sliced and dusted in seasoned
crumbs, with bacon and sauteeed onions

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Boneless Pork Loin Chops 16.99
Two centre cut chops flame
broiled and served with apple sauce

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Veal Parmesan Dinner 17.99
Choice tender veal cutlet, lightly breaded,
topped with our meat sauce and covered
with our cheese blend. Baked to perfection

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Pork Schnitzel 17.99
Lightly breaded, pan fried pork cutlet with
a lemon, butter and cream sauce

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Breast of Marinated Chicken 17.99
A grilled breast of boneless chicken in a
lemon, garlic and oregano marinade

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